The Most Effective Ingredients in a Joint Health Supplement for Dogs

Just like humans, dogs can develop arthritis as they age. This degenerative disease affects the soft tissue, known as cartilage, that normally acts as a cushion for joints. As the cartilage wears away, the dog may experience pain in their everyday activities. Their movements will become stiff, and the dog may even become depressed. Arthritis is even found in younger dogs, especially small breeds, who are known for having genetic joint problems. Luckily, dogs often respond well to nutritional supplements that are made for joint health. There are certain ingredients that one should look for, according to, when selecting the best joint supplement for your dog.


The first ingredient to look for in an effective joint supplement is glucosamine. This substance is naturally found in a dog’s body, and it promotes the growth of new cartilage tissue. As a dog gets older, however, the production of glucosamine begins to decrease. If a dog develops arthritis, the body is unable to create enough glucosamine to naturally repair the damaged tissue on its own. Supplementation is the best way to replenish your dog’s glucosamine levels. joint supplements for dogs suggests finding a supplement that has glucosamine listed as the first ingredient for best results.

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Another key ingredient in a good arthritis supplement is chondroitin. It is part of healthy cartilage tissue, and when used in conjunction with glucosamine, it may help promote the formation of new, healthy cartilage. The chondroitin used in supplements is usually derived from shark cartilage. Chondroitin is beneficial to Dog Joint Health because it prevents white blood cells from attacking and destroying healthy cartilage tissue. It also aids in helping cartilage better absorb essential nutrients.


The third ingredient to look for in dog joint supplements is methylsulfonylmethane, also known as MSM. It is a form of sulfur that can be very beneficial for a dog suffering from arthritis. MSM supplementation has been shown to reduce pain levels in dogs. This is because of its anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, it has often been compared to NSAID drugs in its ability to reduce inflammation. It can also be helpful in reducing joint degeneration.

Although many dogs will develop arthritis during their lifetime, there is no reason for them to suffer. There are many supplements specially designed to treat the painful symptoms of this mobility restricting disease. Sources, such as, note that natural supplements take several weeks to work, and they must be continued indefinitely for the desired results. Don’t stop supplementation just because the dog seems to feel better. Be sure to look for a high quality supplement that contains glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM.


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